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With direct linking, hot linking of any of your files. Upload, get download link, share, always available


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Why You May Need Us?

  1. You need to upload a file and send the download link to someone else
  2. You want to share your file directly, no counters, no ads, just your file being downloaded
  3. You want to transfer a document from your work computer to your account with us and access it on your home computer.
  4. You want to send an entire folder of photos, pdfs, mp3s to someone else, and your email account only has a 25 MB limit (ours is 64 GB, 1 GB free).
  5. You want basic cheap online storage that is fast, reliable and always available

Vfolder is an extension of Agenda Mahala. When you get Agenda Mahala that costs 1 USD for 30 days you get Vfolder, go to Agenda Mahala, online note taking app for studying and research